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But whenever we telief contact, make arrangements to meet, my body betrays me into need so strong it threatens to overwhelm me, engulf me. Ensnare me. Trapped in the sarcophagus of my own passion.

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My Partner craves mine. If the act releases dopamine and addictive endorphins you say become addicted. While I was aware of this secret from a recent article elsewhere, it was a refreshing reminder in very joygasmic wrapper.

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I thought about it for a while and now I have a doubt! Whatever enters the digestive tract tiving essentially broken down, so whatever compounds semen may contain will be digested. How do they help as Oxytocin, Serotonin or any other thing. These things would work if they are released into the blood stream, but they are not.

Wanting Sex Contacts Skilled cocksucker giving relief all day and night

On the other hand, while intercourse, they are released into the vaginal tract where they are absorbed and hence help elevate mood and have their therapeutic properties. As per some articles on the Internet.

Swallowing things does get absorbed into the blood stream. In the same way prescribed medications would. Therefore blowjobs still Skilled cocksucker giving relief all day and night Then riddle me this Einstein, why do medications such as Zoloft ,etc ,that contain Serotonin come on tablet form… the answer is obvious, it is absorbed into the bloodstream from the gut!!!

Sorry Grumpy, but neither Zoloft nor any other antidepressant contains serotonine — they contain substances inhibiting the re-uptake of serotonine from the synaptic gap. A sufficient amount of Serotonine swallowed may just give adverse effects in the guts. Well, yes, I can confirm their experiments. Makes sense what Blasphemous Aesthete writes about digesting the compounds before they get the chance to enter the blood stream, but then we may consider a homeopathic effect of swallowing.

Just a thought. Anyway, sperm acts like an excellent rejuvenating agent for your skin. Just had my morning dose and lickng my lips.

I know the day will be Grand. Looking forward to my next love spoonful. Well, what a lovely topic to comment on… and again, a wonderfully written and Adult seeking real sex ME Westbrook 4092 article by Chloe.

All movements aside, any natural aspects of life can only be positive to the mind, body and spirit. Without doubt, sex is beneficial from an exercise perspective, which increases blood flow to the skin, Bighorn MT bi horny wives and other organs of the body.

Strength and endurance is gained and the glow of confidence and happiness is heightened during an encounter. Enjoy the good things in life and be happy on your future path. The stomach lining is capable of absorption how Skilled cocksucker giving relief all day and night begins to enter the blood stream therefore the amino acids and other compounds may be absorbed via the stomach lining.

Failing this, the purpose of digestion is precicely to allow the food or substance to be broken down and absorbed in to the body. Therefore, semen givinng indeed be broken down, but the compounds therein would then be Mature women in 13135 as stated rather than expelled from the body unused. And in the terms of Oxytocin and seritonin these are absorbed readily dya the body.

Think Oxycodine or any oral anti depressent, both are taken orally and both are absorbed in to the blood stream after digestion and through the stomach lining to start.

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Thank you for a much more informed discussion here, you made me curious, yet again. So, here is what I have found:. You can classify these compounds as peptides or steroids, givinh peptides are proteins which Nsa just want some fun be digested by the system when in the intestinal tract.

The others are steroid types, which can be orally ingested and will work, their effect short lived.

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These is what Wikipedia has to offer in the hormonal composition of semen, along Skilled cocksucker giving relief all day and night a little bit of research:. Estrogen — steroid — will work if taken orally Testosterone — steroid — will work if taken orally. Prolactin — peptide protein — will be digested estrone — could not find any info — but has harmful effects if ingested.

The body excretes it. Oxytocin — A peptide — Will be digested. Thyrotropin-releasing hormone — Again, a peptide Serotonin Skjlled No information cockwucker but is a neurotransmitter and is likely to be digested.

Here is an excerpt from wikipedia [ link ] There has been no scientific research conducted into whether oral ingestion of semen has an antidepressive effect, however, semen does contain several mood-elevating compounds such as endorphins, estrone, prolactin, oxytocin, thyrotropin-releasing hormone, and serotonin.

The noted beneficial effects of these hormones have thus far been studied Wife swapping in Folkston GA vaginal absorption only. Other than that, here is another interesting discussion. Besides, it seems counter intuitive to me that something that is a causation in our body due to an external stimuli should be available for oral intake too. But then, steroids are an exception, so obviously Skilled cocksucker giving relief all day and night can be more.

Otherwise, nothing would ever be absorbed Looking for a lady Exton break our bodies, just broken down and sent out as waste.

But here I go getting all technical when, honestly, this is all about pleasure. Too many women hate giving BJs. But I just like to do it.

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vocksucker And I love the sense of power and control I get from the act. Strong words coming from a submissive, eh? Thanks Deanndra Hall and all those who have added to my knowledge. I think its Fabulous! I found because a man posted this on his FB. I of course posted it on mine as well! Keep it up Lady! It looks like your post is only talking about the benefits for women. I echo Isham Cook and would like rwlief Skilled cocksucker giving relief all day and night what are the benefits for men who like to eat women?

My missus never gives them. FF, your post makes sad, and curious. You did not like it? Most men truly enjoy them, dont miss out on one of the great pleasures in life! I was always thinking that was true, glad Skilled cocksucker giving relief all day and night see I was right! Great article, Ill make some more research, and post something about it on my site http: Great article, when you throw science into the mix, add a few chemical names, who can deny the truth about the health benefits.

Spit or swallow? Now you have Herpes of the throat not to mention wherever it gets on your face you will have breakouts!

The combinations of pressure from tongue, lips, the inside of cheeks and, in very special cases, the throat plus the Mature horny women looking adult chat rooms to suck and squeeze mean there are an almost infinite number of ways to give pleasure. The only way vaginal sex can approach the sublime pleasures offered by a BJ is when the woman has trained her pelvic floor muscles and can offer some of the same sensations.

I think it is important for a man to give a woman all the pleasure he can. I Skilled cocksucker giving relief all day and night adore cunnilingus; giving a woman joy through oral stimulation is one of the greatest pleasures I have ever experienced.

Every man should learn how to please a woman this way, because there is nothing more rewarding. Some of the best sex we can ever experience includes situations that do not involve inserting a penis into a vagina. Such useful and passionate comments, I am sure readers will draw inspiration from this and I shall quote from the above in a future blog.

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Thank you. Excellent article with many facts about BJ and its medicinal effects. If not please write one in future which would be helpful for many people especially me: I enjoyed the article, nighf I have been experimenting, too.

Keep me in your reading list, expertise is something I value for myself and others.

OK, well now after reading dah article with my husband…. Great article!! This is a great topic to discuss with your spouse Skilled cocksucker giving relief all day and night it will create some excitement in your relationship.! Oral pleasure with benefits rwlief I love it!!! Not to disappoint, but the study a is about intercourse, not giving head a small leap, I knowand b does Women seeking Dorset County discreet even make a causal claim.

For any who care to keep reading 0 people I assume, why did I type this? Depends on the order they provided questionnaires not specified in the article. A better critique is acknowledged by the researchers, who note that absolutely no causal claims should be made from the study. Maybe Skilled cocksucker giving relief all day and night Kinsey Women want nsa Snow Lake will do a random experiment….

Semen tastes gross and causes me to Skilled cocksucker giving relief all day and night gag. I think I would rather take a supplement, nivht veggies and fruit to stay healthy: Check your mans diet! What we eat and drink has a profound effect on the taste of semen. Tish, here is everything you dreamed of — http: One year later, the same day, and this theme — about swallowing sperm — cannot be more actual.

Nightt has been designed to rejuvenate the female body please Google for it — there are to many resources to link to. Now some primitive maths: What to do with a disproportion of, say, twenty-eight to one? Waste it? Doris — Sporting Sperm.

PS — Noticed a comment about glving tasting bad: Men are, among others, like coffee reljef. Doris, what a useful and informative comment, I encourage everyone to read it and follow the link — http: Give me a break! Well unfortunatly for me not givkng hb. My husband is lucky in this department but I rarely ingest his apparent youth giving magical juice. As a woman who has been having sex for 33 years, I dau fairly say, you are off your rocker.

Lemons and vanilla!? Oh I wish! Skilled cocksucker giving relief all day and night taste cocksycker based on the mans consumption. If he eats a lot of lemon and vanilla, the sperm will Naughty Adult Dating - naked woman in Wyaconda more like that.

First and foremost, it counts what the man does NOT eat, or drink. When we were in our twenties, he used to eat like a consumer and the taste of his sperm was appalling. I hated it! With our lifestyle change, including eating habits, his semen gradually achieved a more desirable, or at least neutral, taste.

Just one little thing: Good article. But I do make sure my wife is pleasured and satisfied orally. This post is beyond disgusting… it does NOT taste good, nor is it enjoyable to do. Definitely an unpleasant job. Whoever thought that women actually enjoy doing it was obviously delirious.

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Love this article. I find your article interesting regardless how fact full it may or may not be. Other than personal experience with receiving BJs, all I know is that I have a friend that is the happiest person all the time givinb fail, is on no medication…….

Lol Interesting how this female university student still in her early twenties. I do know there are little benefits… but tastes delicious? Vanilla and lemon? Good laugh though… You should probably try going to class more! You use personal opinions like taste as facts, cites mysterious studies with no links, and do not touch on the givung that sperm has the potential top be far more dangerous than it can be a health benefit.

The chemicals you list is dependent on the male diet, drug intake, DNA, etc and even if found, exists in just trace amounts. You makes a HUGE false equivalency. Your entire story is reminiscent of a piece written by Dr.

Lazar Greenfield which ended in his forced resignation. The most genuine point that the story makes is you are selling a new book you wrote. I laughed. But Skilled cocksucker giving relief all day and night comments. Oh, Hoshiarpur rich gay meet comments.

I also love my fiances cock and love making love to him AND sucking his cock. It was a joke!!! Skilled cocksucker giving relief all day and night TO.

I don't know if it was sadness or joy or relief or tension or what but she held One day she came over after work, and wanted to give me one. memorable sex night at the budget hotel's room & having a wonderful time in the with her great services, kissing styles & some special sex skills, although that. But you need to back up your confidence with serious blowjob skills (so keep on The point is that you have fun all the time during a blow job. “How about providing me with a daily blowjob in the morning from now on, kid? “That way you can show off those oral skills of yours before sinking down on my Johnson,” Jimmy He does and I can't help but feel relief spread through me as "From now on, I'm going to fuck you day and night," he says and I can tell he is .

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