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This seems like a pretty simple concept, but game developer Naughty Dog needs Permission to be naughty refresher course, after taking a Boston T map from an outside source without permission or payment, and using it in The Last of Us.

In another mistaken case of "fair use," Naughty Dog almost certainly used Ellen Page's likeness which Quantum Dream paid for in producing Beyond: And in case you weren't sure, this is what "fair use" is, according Black wet and horny the Merriam-Webster dictionary:.

In both cases, Naughty Dog clearly profits from the materials it used, so the owners the map maker and Ellen Page should have been Permission to be naughty for their work. The two cases reflect a stunning lack of foresight from the Sony Online Entertainment-owned company.

In a world where lawyers are paid to predict any points of liability, it's surprising that both things weren't caught before the Last of Us launch on June Then again, fair use is also a question that has puzzled countless Internet users. For instance, the debate about whether or not Facebook users should Permission to be naughty the rights to their photos after posting them continues to rage, though for now, the social media giant is winning.

It's a difficult question in the journalism realm as well, with many reporters wondering naufhty information is public knowledge and which needs to be linked back to the original source. Regardless of whether or not Naughty Nauhgty is at fault here - apparently it has reached out to the creator of the Permission to be naughty T map and parted somewhat amicably - let's agree that things haven't gone perfectly with the Last of Us release.

I haven't played it yet, but have Permission to be naughty heard good things about the gameplay. O utside of the game itself, a large amount of criticism has plagued Naughty Dog as it deals with these self-created controversies.

So next time, keep it simple and keep it easy, Naughty Dog. Pay for the product and avoid copyright infringement, and all the drama that comes with it. Some things are free in life.

Most things, especially in the business world, aren't. Nick Fouriezos Correspondent.

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