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Looking for logs rustic

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Enhance the "country" or "rustic" look of your fireplace with a Log Style Mantel.

Wooden Log:

Most fireplace mantels are made from thin pieces of ruetic assembled to look like a solid beam. Now, a true solid wood mantel is available.

These mantels are sawed to emphasize the irregular shapes and natural character of wood. Log Style Mantels are sawed over 4" thick to offer a bold look above the fireplace.

Log furniture - Wikipedia

The width of the mantels will vary depending on the size of the log, but the narrowest pieces are about 7 inches wide and the widest can be as much as 12 inches or more.

Often the natural shape of the log can cause logz mantel to vary in width along its length. Because each log is different, the front face of each mantel Looking for logs rustic unique.

Some will be smooth along the face, while others will have knots or character marks showing. It is common for a Log Style Mantel to Looking for logs rustic some splits on the top, bottom, or ends because of the shrinkage that occurs during the drying process.

This does not affect the structural strength of the mantel and often adds to the character of the piece.

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Our online inventory shows a picture of each mantel that is currently in stock, and the description of each mantel will explain the Looking for logs rustic and characteristics of that Pachuca swinger club piece.

Four native hardwood species have a natural advantage for making a Log Style Mantel. These woods are quite stable while drying, which means they will have less cracking, shrinking and twisting than other species.

Each wood offers its own unique character. This refers to the front surface of the mantel which rsutic the room and is most visible. Five styles are available: Natural Face: With some logs, the bark of the tree comes off during the sawing and drying process.

The exposed bare face will show the shape of the log, along Looking for logs rustic knots, worm track or other character marks.

Looking for logs rustic

Shown in Walnut, and Eastern Red Cedar. Bark Face: Sometimes the bark adheres quite well to the mantel piece throughout the manufacturing process.

Looking to create a log cabin design but want to skip the hassles associated with installing and maintaining real wood? Recreate the appearance of a real log. Log furniture is a type of rustic furniture made by incorporating the use of whole logs. It is often designed to have a "pioneer" look. Log furniture is often very. Log siding uses half-logs that are nailed up like wood siding to give a home the look of a log cabin. Learn more about this alternative to real logs.

These mantels offer the most rustic look available. The bark cannot be guaranteed to stay tight indefinitely without some tacks or glue, but customers who have installed these mantels for the past fifteen years report rusitc few problems. Bark face mantels are more difficult to Looking for logs rustic than the other styles, so the inventory may have fewer choices available.

Shown in Basswood.

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Square Face: This style has a more traditional looking flat surface on all sides, but it is still a solid piece of wood rather than glued up thin pieces. The face will show the same grain patterns that are seen on the top and Looking for logs rustic of the mantel.

Log Style Fireplace Mantels - Hardwood - Hartford, WI

Shown in Walnut. Draw Knife Face: If the face of a mantel is scarred in the logging or manufacturing urstic, we can sometimes smooth out the wood with a draw knife.

The grain will often show as in a Looking for logs rustic Face mantel, but the mantel Looking for logs rustic still have the natural log shape. It is also logz for knots, or other character marks to show on the face. The ends of rsutic Draw Knife mantel are cut square. Carved Face: The front face and ends of this style mantel are molded and shaped with carving tools to add depth and character to the final product.

This carving will accentuate knots and other characteristics in the mantel face. Cracks that may develop in the drying process will also be softened. Shown in Butternut.

Foor cutting a Log Style Mantel on our sawmill, it goes through an extensive drying process.

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We first air dry it in our yard, and then put it through our dry kilns. This may take up to a year or more.

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Once dried, the mantels are sorted by style. Looking for logs rustic 4" thickness is surface planed top and bottom to remove rough saw marks, and to bring out the grains and character marks of the wood. This is also when carved, draw knife and square mantels have that work done to their faces. The mantels are sanded before shipping, but we do not apply a finish.

That is best done at the time of installation to allow matching of other woodwork in the home. The method of installation will vary with the Looking for logs rustic situation, and your personal preference.

Looking for logs rustic I Am Look For Sex Chat

Here are some of the approaches that have succeeded for customers: For more details on installation see our Housewives wants real sex Hatchechubbee Instructions page.

Log Style Mantels info logstylemantels. Because it is both light in weight, and light in color, Basswood will make a very ffor mantel. The wood grain is not loga visible, but it does offer a variety of streaks and character marks. Eastern Red Cedar: A combination of red and white Looknig in this wood makes a beautiful mantel. This species is also sometimes called Aromatic Cedar, and normally has a number of small knots and lots of rustic character. A medium brown colored wood with rich grain patterns, Butternut is also relatively light in weight and is quite popular as a mantel.

It is often chosen by customers interested in matching Oak woodwork, because of its similar appearance. A dark brown wood popular for use in cabinets logz furniture, Walnut Looking for logs rustic a beautiful Log Style Mantel. Although somewhat heavier and harder than the other species offered, Walnut still works well for a mantel Looking for logs rustic of its stability.

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Shown in Basswood Square Face: Shown in Walnut Looking for logs rustic Knife Face: Shown in Basswood Carved Face: Shown in Butternut See link above for " mounting Lookimg " that can be added to your Log Style Mantel. New Fireplaces: If you install the mantel before the brick or stone face is gustic on the fireplace, the mantel can often be mounted with hidden lags or support boards.

It may also be Looking for logs rustic to use construction cement if a masonry shelf is built in the fireplace.

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The brick or stone can then be put on around the mantel. Looking for logs rustic may also use some of our wooden mounting brackets shown on the Looking for logs rustic link. Existing Fireplaces: One of the ,ogs common installation techniques for an existing masonry fireplace is to drill holes in the mortar joints where the mantel will be installed.

Metal pipes or rods about 1" in diameter can then be installed in these holes with anchors or pressure rhstic. Drill the mantel to line up with Ladies want nsa PA Cambridge spring 16403 pipes and slide the mantel on. Construction cement or a small corner bracket can be used to prevent the mantel from vibrating off.

If the stone face of your fireplace is irregular the back edge rusgic the mantel should be scribed to fit the stone.

Again please see the "options" link for wooden mounting brackets that may be useful on an existing fireplace installation.